Ipsy Glam Bag

So I am almost clueless when it comes to makeup but I'm learning...er...trying to learn haha! I'm not one of those who will go out to a store (like Sephora or something) and ask the ladies to help me learn mostly because it scares me to talk to someone that I don't know and let... Continue Reading →


Drama Queen Bath Bomb

I started this blog no real path paved, thus leaving it wide open for me to do whatever I want with it. So I decided that I would also do product reviews of things I really enjoyed. So here's to my first product review. DRAMA QUEEN BATH BOMB from  PURE SANCTUM Today was the first... Continue Reading →

The day I found Relaxation

Those who know me know that I do not understand the definition of relax or how to achieve it. However, today I finally understood this 'relax' word that people kept telling me about it. Today I took a personal day and I don't feel bad about it. I don't feel bad about the errands I... Continue Reading →

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