New Year…Selfish Me

For the past few years I haven't made a New Year's resolution because I knew I wouldn't stick to it. I mean most of the time I can hardly remember what day of the week it is so how could I remember what what I told myself I was going to do on the first... Continue Reading →

Texas Adventure…Part 2: The End of an Era

In my Texas Adventure...Part 1 I mentioned my roommate, Meredith, and that we lived together for all of her college career and about two more years. Well since she moved to Texas and I'm still in school in Alabama - obviously we couldn't live together anymore. Here's what this post isn't  supposed to be: a sad... Continue Reading →

Moving on & looking forward

As we begin a new year, we all like to look back and reflect on the memories that were made - both good and bad. As we reflect, let's keep this in mind: everything happened last year. 2016 was, in essence, a very long trip. Each of us made different memories, met new people, saw... Continue Reading →

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