Green Mountain

In case you didn't know, there's a billion mountains in Colorado! So on day 2 I linked up with some friends and their pups to go on a hike of a mountain. Originally we were supposed to hike St. Mary's glacier but it was so foggy and overcast that we decided to do Green Mountain... Continue Reading →

Garden of the Gods

Day 1 in Colorado led us to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I had seen pictures of this place so I knew that these rocks were going to be huge, but they are honestly so much more breathtaking you see them in person. The fact that they're naturally this way just... Continue Reading →

Rock City – Minneapolis, Kansas

I was a little skeptical when I read this one on the list because there's also a Rock City in Lookout Mountain, Georgia which is super beautiful. When I looked into it I was also confused why people were excited about a bunch of rocks in a field. I decided that we should visit it... Continue Reading →

Truckhenge – Topeka, Kansas

So in late May I made a road trip out to Colorado. This trip holds a few purposes, one, is to give myself a much needed break. I have not had a summer off in about five years, I've either been working or taking classes, and I know that that's about normal for most students,... Continue Reading →

Texas Adventure…Minute Maid Park

Up until about 2 years ago, I'd never been to a professional baseball game before. The first ball field I experienced was Turner Field in Atlanta, GA. (My boyfriend is a diehard Cardinals fan so I surprised him with series tickets to watch the Braves and Cardinals.) Just shy of a year after experiencing Turner... Continue Reading →

Texas Adventure…part 1

To start, I know I've been rather silent recently, but school kinda took over my life there for a lot of moments and things got rather crazy. But now I'm back to me, which is awesome and great and all things wonderful! My roommate, Meredith, who I lived with for all of her college career... Continue Reading →

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