Green Mountain

In case you didn’t know, there’s a billion mountains in Colorado! So on day 2 I linked up with some friends and their pups to go on a hike of a mountain. Originally we were supposed to hike St. Mary’s glacier but it was so foggy and overcast that we decided to do Green Mountain instead. We drove quite a bit up the mountain to get to the trail head and when we got there it had started to drizzle. As the trail begins, it feels as if you are in a forest; there’s pine trees and grass and wildflowers everywhere. But as you get deeper into the hike it turns into rocks and trees – which are still gorgeous!

IMG_5470[1].JPGThis hike got me – there were steps that were super high and I have short legs because I’m only 5′ 2″ so I had to stop and take some breathers because I started to lose my breath. I can only recall one time in my life where I got altitude sickness and this would have been my second if I hadn’t taken those stops. I don’t know how some of these people were running this trail though! They are strong troopers that’s for sure.

IMG_5436[1].JPGWe kept hoping that the fog and overcast was going to lift as we kept hiking, but unfortunately it didn’t. So when we got to the summit we were surrounded by clouds, but that was kind of cool as I don’t get to experience that very often. Supposedly at the summit you’re able to see all the other mountain summits, but with the clouds..not so much. While we were on the summit, it actually started to snow! Snow! In May! (Can you tell I live in the south ha ha.)


IMG_5449[1].JPGI must say though, it was pretty cool to climb a mountain in Colorado. Which I know there’s plenty of mountains to be able to climb but it was nice to climb a not tourist mountain; and it’s not like I haven’t climbed a mountain in Colorado before either but it has been several years. (Excuse the blur on the photos – the rain was picking up and my camera is not waterproof.)

IMG_5467[1].JPGAfter taking some pictures at the summit, we started our trek back down which was a little brutal because the steps going down were brutal on my knees (I’ve got bad knees from high school sports). But I like walking back from hikes because it gives a chance to see the things that you may have not seen on the way out or stop for pictures because an area is really good looking.

After our hike, we hit up another local brewery called J Wells Brewery in Boulder. It’s located in a garage which is super cool. Here’s a little side story – when we first got there they were installing a new beer wort so they had taken apart most of their setup so at first we thought it was a little strange looking around at everything. But after they get the wort installed and reassembled everything it looked more like a brewery rather than someone’s garage (despite being in a garage). Not to mention that their brews were really good too!


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