Rock City – Minneapolis, Kansas

I was a little skeptical when I read this one on the list because there’s also a Rock City in Lookout Mountain, Georgia which is super beautiful. When I looked into it I was also confused why people were excited about a bunch of rocks in a field. I decided that we should visit it because it looked like it had a bunch of open space. When we got there I was not disappointed. These rocks are huge!IMG_5207IMG_5203IMG_5276These pictures I took standing on top of the biggest rock I found; and honestly these pictures don’t do justice to how big they are. These naturally formed and located rocks are free to climb around on and explore from. There is a $3 courtesy fee, but after climbing around on the rocks, you’ll want to pay to make sure the areas stays kept up and beautiful. I suggest trying to go before the gift shop closes so you can get a fun souvenir, but if you go after you can still sign the guest book and pay in their located area.

IMG_5279I won’t share a lot of pictures because this is a must see! It is a little off the road, but completely worth it as a way to run around and get out some pent up car energy. Rock City, Kansas is a big 2 paws up from us!

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