Truckhenge – Topeka, Kansas

So in late May I made a road trip out to Colorado. This trip holds a few purposes, one, is to give myself a much needed break. I have not had a summer off in about five years, I’ve either been working or taking classes, and I know that that’s about normal for most students, but then I jump right into the workforce. I needed some time off before doing what I want do – therefore road trip. The other purpose that this trip service is to see some friends and family that I have out there that I haven’t seen in a few minutes. This trip will just be me and my dog and unfortunately he does not have a steel bladder that can allow him to not have to go to the bathroom for more than two hours at a time. Our biggest stretch of the drive is driving through Kansas. (He can handle the drive from Alabama to Missouri pretty well with one stop as long as we give him things to occupy him) but since it’s just me and him and I don’t have a second driver with me (and there’s not really a time crunch) I decided that we were stopped pretty frequently. So I did my research and found out what things there were to do in Kansas near I-70. One of the things on the list is Truckhenge.

You would think they would be pretty similar to Stonehenge, but it’s quite different. The gentleman who has developed this site has collected old trucks, boats, bricks, scrap materials – you name it and he probably has it. He’s set them up on his property in an artistic sort of way, and if you call ahead he will give you a tour of the place. (Since it is on his property, you will have to call ahead to even get onto the property.) I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into when I pulled up and saw shoes and bikes hanging from trees. I later find out that he has hung shoes on the trees because it’s the tree of lost soles. On the tour, you find out how he came up with this idea and ended up acquiring all these different items. Along with Truckhenge, he also has Boathenge, an area that can turn into a volleyball mud pit, a concert area, as well as a location for his carvings and artwork. The gentleman himself is a rather interesting character, he’s slightly soft spoken so definitely listen closely so you can make sure you hear what he says, and he’ll tell you all about how he even got these things on this property and how the city tried to shut him down and essentially cancel his various installments. On top of all this variation already, he also has three dogs, a handful of chickens, and currently 7 to 9 peacocks. Getting to this location might have you question if you’re in the right spot, or if this site is even worth it, but I promise you it is. Until you visit, enjoy some of the pictures I took!

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