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So I am almost clueless when it comes to makeup but I’m learning…er…trying to learn haha! I’m not one of those who will go out to a store (like Sephora or something) and ask the ladies to help me learn mostly because it scares me to talk to someone that I don’t know and let them touch all over my face. But then I found this site called ipsy where they send you monthly Glam Bags with 5 different beauty items.

Like your usual subscription sites, it asks you about your style and personality and such. You can also pick your favorite brands or brands that you want to try so you will either get some from that brand or brands that may be similar. You can always update your preferences later if you fall in love with a brand that you didn’t already like – for me it was Pacifica and tarte. (Just a note: ipsy does their best to match products that will go well with your skin tone and color, but sometimes it’s not always on point because of the samples they get.) You make not always get makeup products either, sometimes you’ll get face masks, hair or skin care, or tool products. Oh, and you can even get extra products if you review each months bag if you redeem enough points. (I’ve gotten face masks and beauty blenders from doing this!)

Each package comes inside this super shiny, hot pink bag so you know exactly what day it is when you check the mail box! All the products come inside a different makeup bag which I think is super exciting because you don’t know what anything will be until you open the package (unless you peak ahead)! Yes, if you subscribe long enough you will end up with more makeup bags than you can imagine, but there a ton of uses for the bags other than just makeup…like a doggie treat bag or small coin purse inside your purse. Almost every month I’ve been thrilled with my products!


For this post I’ll be reviewing the products I got in my May Glam Bag. In this bag I have one additional product so I have a total of 6 instead of 5.

The bag itself is super cute with all the passport stamps on it – it’s probably one of my favorite bags because it begs to be traveled with! Inside the bag there’s always a little note about what ipsy people are up to and a little about why they picked these products.


The first thing I picked up was the Sur Medic Pore-less Carbonic Peel face mask. It contains carbonated water that helps to decongest pore, lift impurities and dead skin, and helps to control oil and moisturize skin while clearing and calming the pore.  I have a whole stash of face masks I’ve been dying to try but I think I’m going to use this first because I have just awful, awful pores.


The second thing I picked up was an eyeshadow brush from SLMissGlam. It is a flatter brush and has colored bristles which makes me excited to try feeling confident with brighter and fun colors.


The third product I got was a reparative leave-in conditioning spray from Briogeo in the scent Roscaro Milk. It’s mostly for dry, damaged, and brittle which is just like my hair because I’m too lazy to go out to the salon and buy salon shampoo and conditioner so I use Suave which will dry out your hair after a while. I’m not too keen on the dry shampoo, but I do love the leave-in conditioner. This product smells really nice because of the rosehip that they used.


The fourth product is from one of the brands I liked because of ipsy, Doucce, and it’s a Maxlash Volumizer Mascara. I already know I like this brand because I have another mascara from them but I’ve about run out on it so it’s nice to get a replacement of the brand!


My last product was a crayon lipstick from Lord&Berry from their Maximatte line in the Intimacy color. It’s this deep pink color, almost raspberry like that goes on really smoothly. I don’t use many pencil products because then I have to sharpen them and I’m afraid of getting a splinter, but I think I may go buy one because I really like this color.


My bonus product that I redeemed by reviewing products and saving my points is a Sugar Bunny Heavenly lip scrub from Trifle Cosmetics (which is 100% cruelty free!). I picked this product because one, I love lip scrubs; and two I get awful dead skin on my lips! I’m super excited about this product and it smells really good too!


If these products sounded interesting to you, sign up for your own ipsy subscription here!


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