Texas Adventure…Part 2: The End of an Era

In my Texas Adventure…Part 1 I mentioned my roommate, Meredith, and that we lived together for all of her college career and about two more years. Well since she moved to Texas and I’m still in school in Alabama – obviously we couldn’t live together anymore. Here’s what this post isn’t  supposed to be: a sad post, a moving on with your life post, or anything else not happy. For almost 6 years, living with Meredith was so great. I always had someone that I knew was going to be there, I always had someone to keep me in line, I always had someone to correct my fashion mistakes, etc. Even though she’s like 800 miles away, that’s the only thing that changed. She’s still the person I ask for fashion advice, she still manages to keep me in a semi-line (let’s face it…that’s hard to do with me), and she’s still there when I need help. That’s the job of a best friend/sister.

I know that she’s going to hate me for posting this picture of us, but I like it.

We’ve already heard the Grey’s Anatomy line, “You’re my person. You will always be my person.” For me, Meredith is exactly that.

Finding your person means:

  • Finding someone who sees you at your “ugly” moments – like in the morning, or after a day
  • Finding someone to go aimlessly wander around Target with
  • Texting someone that your going into Target so that way if they don’t hear from you in an hour, they can send reinforcements
  • Having someone who will help you stock the fridge the necessities – wine and cookie dough
  • Finding someone who accepts you for all your flaws
  • Having someone to talk to on Saturday mornings
  • Having someone to help you pick out outfits because you have no fashion sense
  • Having someone to do your hair for you because you’re basically useless when it comes to anything other than straightening or the ‘I just got out of the shower’ look
  • Having someone to make sure you eat on those long days
  • Having someone who’s there to listen to you rant about anything that makes you unhappy or talk about pointless things just because you want to talk
  • Having someone to move your stuff at 2 in the morning

The list go on and on. In short, finding your person means finding someone who is always there for whatever you need and will love you unconditionally. This person may come into your life without the intent of being your person. When I originally met Meredith, I knew that we were going to be best friends, but the level to which we would come I didn’t see happening. Isn’t it funny how that happens? Just on a normal day someone walks into your life and they become an important part of it. You decide that you value their opinion and ask them for advice. You decide to live together and crash on their couch. You make sure that each other survive life – because let’s face it, life is hard. You decide to go on wild adventures and share your secrets over burgers, Thursday Chinese nights, and Saturday morning pancakes. You decide that even if you move states, that you’ll still talk and gossip just as if you lived next door to them.

Everyone needs a person, sometimes it just takes time to realize who your person is. You may have already met them, or they still may be out there waiting for the day that God knows you need them in your life.

I guess this is a sort of thank you note. So thank you Meredith; thank you for being my person and everything that you’ve done for me (and for everything you will do for me).

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