Texas Adventure…part 1

To start, I know I’ve been rather silent recently, but school kinda took over my life there for a lot of moments and things got rather crazy. But now I’m back to me, which is awesome and great and all things wonderful!

My roommate, Meredith, who I lived with for all of her college career and two years after that, is moving to Texas. Her move date and my last final just so happened to coincide, so I figured, let’s take a road trip to Texas! On our way to Texas, we decided to stop in New Orleans, so..herein lies the first part of our adventure. So while in New Orleans, why not make the best of it, right?

We started yesterday (April 28) with our trip to Texas, for dinner we stopped at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers in Mississippi. I’ve only driven through Mississippi once before and it was through the Northern part; and it really felt like there was nothing there! Thankfully, every once in a while we came across a populated city (yay)! As per recommendation, we stopped at Raising Cane’s #44. IMG_0802If you live in a city (or near a city) that has Raising Cane’s and haven’t eaten there…I highly recommend the Sandwich Combo – I think their sauce is better than Zaxby’s (I know, how dare I say such a thing…but seriously y’all…eat Raising Cane’s and you’ll see).

This afternoon (April 29) the real adventure began! We Uber-ed down to the French Market Place where we walked around looking at different (mostly) local artisans and their works – ranging from pottery to repurposed guitar string jewelery to pictures of local Nola sights.

IMG_0806      IMG_0822

The French Market Place is super amazing..most of the vendors only take cash, but there are a few that have lots of products that take cards. I love supporting local artists, but unfortunately, it’s hard to support them all – especially when you have limited travel space! Although, I would have to say that my favorite shop I saw, repurposed old guitar strings into jewelry!
Right next door to the Market Place is the Farmer’s Market, which is also super cool. Typically when I thought Farmer’s Market, I thought of fruits, vegetables, soaps, honey, jellies, etc., but it can be so much more! It can be homemade chocolates, candies, pottery, sauces and more! Meredith and I happened upon some homemade truffles that we could just not resist!

Left to right: Coffee truffle and donut truffle

Y’all..these truffles were hands-down, honest to goodness, tell no lies, amazing! I had the donut truffle and it was like I was eating a donut..but it had the consistency of a truffle. The outside held its shell, but the inside was so soft and doughy…and it was covered in sprinkles, what else could you ask for! I seriously wish I would have gotten her card, but I was just so excited to try it!

Next on our stop, seeing the Mississippi River.IMG_0807

The last time Meredith and I took a road trip together was Spring Break where we went to Tybee Island, Georgia. We took a picture in front of the Savannah River so it was only fitting that on our last road trip together we also take a picture in front of the local river. Now the Mississippi River isn’t as pretty as the Savannah River and it was much, much windier (as you can see), but hey…tradition is tradition.

Next on our list was Cafe du Monde.IMG_0826.JPG

They’re apparently known for their beignets – which is essentially piece of fried dough covered in powdered sugar. All they serve is beignets and forms of coffee..all day long. How awesome is that?!

                   IMG_0860  img_0825.jpg  IMG_0852
(Yes, I still play Pokemon Go…I love that game; and for about 5 minutes I was in the gym at Cafe Du Monde.) The picture doesn’t do justice to how big and beautiful these beignets are. They are honestly so incredibly amazing for being a fried piece of dough.

After our little pit stop for that pick-me-up, it was off to Bourbon Street!   IMG_0828I mean, after all, if you didn’t go to Bourbon Street did you really go to New Orleans? After being once, all I can say is that I love, love, love this street. The entire street is like one big party. There are tons of bars, all kinds of music, small street performers, and of course, mini (and sometimes big) parades! We were lucky enough to catch two performances and you can’t help but dance in the streets!

I caught them while they were singing

This was probably my favorite part of New Orleans because it’s just so festive and fun, albeit a little bit dirty…but what fun place isn’t a little bit dirty.

A parade for you 50th? There’s no better way to celebrate!

Last stop on the list tonight was dinner at Remoulade’s.

Barbeque shrimp poboy

Y’all. This food was ah-maz-ing. The hotel we’re staying at had maps with coupons on it, and at Remoulade’s you could get a free shrimp remoulade (5 shrimp on a bed of lettuce and tomato) with the purchase of any two entrees. Meredith got the Crawfish pie and it was also amazing, at least for two people who’ve never had crawfish before.

I know that New Orleans can sometimes get a bad rap for being “The Big Easy” and can be a dirty at times, but honestly, I really like this city. I love the history that it has behind it. I love that even though it experienced so much damage and pain, it still was able to recover. I love that they celebrate everything from weddings to funerals. If you haven’t at least walked around New Orleans, I highly suggest taking a weekend and spending it in Nola.

Next up…experiencing Houston, Texas.

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