A whole lot of patience

It’s not a fear of missing out, it’s seeing what you’re missing out on. Almost everyone that I began my college career with is either graduated or about to graduate. They’re either in the work force or about to join the work force. Additionally, a majority of my friends are now married and spending their weekends adventuring with their significant other and their pets.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know my time will come for all of this. It’s just really hard to see the light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel when you haven’t laid down all the track yet.

It’s hard sitting in class at night thinking about how instead of class I could be at home, cooking dinner and watching Netflix. Not worrying about homework. It’s hard sitting at home working on homework thinking about how my friends are out enjoying Happy Hour. It’s weird seeing people who date for 3 months get married, when I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 2 years.

I know that one day it will happen, but it’s just hard seeing everything happen to other people that should also be happening to me.

But it’s not a fear of missing out. The fear of missing out is essentially feeling like your missing out on a lost opportunity and that others are having a better time with opportunities. I know that these opportunities haven’t come to me yet so there’s nothing to feel like I’m missing out on. It’s like I’m stuck in a state of limbo. I’m moving but I’m not making any progress.

Although, I think the hardest part is having patience to understand that not everything happens on my timeline. Sometimes it’s having faith and understanding that God has a plan for us and that our timeline is different than everyone else’s. Sometimes it’s taking a step back from seeing what everyone else has and looking at what you have. Sure, it may suck that I’m stuck in class while my friends are making money at work; but it’s not my time yet. Sure, it may be impatience watching others get engaged and married; but it’s not my time yet. The time for everything I want to happen to me, will happen. It just takes time, and a whole lot of patience. But for now, I can live with the fact that I’m not missing out on anything.


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