Moving on & looking forward

As we begin a new year, we all like to look back and reflect on the memories that were made – both good and bad. As we reflect, let’s keep this in mind: everything happened last year.

2016 was, in essence, a very long trip. Each of us made different memories, met new people, saw new sights and places, and developed some type of baggage of wonderful and lousy times. When you get home from a trip, what do you do? You unpack; you put your clothes away, you put your souvenirs on shelves or in scrapbooks, you upload the pictures to Facebook so everyone can see. You get your life back together so that in the next days you can get back to your routine. You don’t keep living like you’re on the trip. Sure, you have the memories and experiences that the trip gave you and you share them with friends and family. After a week or so though, you move on. You stop talking about the trip because you have other things that will happen to you.

Whatever happened in 2016, happened then. It didn’t happen in these 3 days of 2017. Sure you can reminisce on what happened last year, but don’t let the bad times encroach on this new year. Who knows, 2017 could actually be your year! If you continue to think about the bad times in the new year, you won’t have the (figurative) space to hold the new memories that are (probably) already in the making.

A lot of people say “A new year, a new me!” Well to ensure ‘a new you’ comes around, let go of those not so great times that happened last year. Yeah, I know sitting here typing this it makes it sounds easier than it might be, but it’s actually my resolution. Letting the bad memories go to make room for better memories. I’m not saying I’m forgetting or forgiving the damaging memories, but as for the petty things, it’s time to move on.

So here’s to letting go of the bad times of the past and looking forward to the great times of the future, here’s to becoming a better person, and here’s to 2017.

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