The day I found Relaxation

Those who know me know that I do not understand the definition of relax or how to achieve it. However, today I finally understood this ‘relax’ word that people kept telling me about it.

Today I took a personal day and I don’t feel bad about it. I don’t feel bad about the errands I didn’t run; I don’t feel bad about ignoring what else was going on in the world. Today was about making me feel good.

Pretty much for the month of November so far, I haven’t shaved my legs – gross I know, but hey it’s cold and no one’s going to be touching my legs but me. I had spent most of my morning laying in bed, eating donuts, and re-watching One Tree Hill. By the time I decided to get out of bed I figured I better shower before I had to go to campus to take a ten minute quiz. So after showering, I filled up the tub and took the time to actually shave my legs. I’m talking pulled out a brand new razor and the shaving cream. It felt really good to just do something for me. This feeling stuck with me through the quiz and after I ran an errand.

After I got home, I decided to try these bath bomb things that I’ve seen videos for on Facebook. Not too long ago I had bid on a set of bath bombs and wine at my sorority’s Founder’s Day event. I figured that today was as good as any to try it out. (These specific bath bombs came from Pure Sanctum, the Bombe la la la set.) I tried out the Drama Queen one today because it was supposed to be fruity and flowery. I figured it was just what I needed on this cold day. (Check out my review of it here.) I’ve always been hesitant to try these because 1) you’re sitting in your own filth, and 2) it’s like a weird Mentos and Coke experiment going on with all the fizzing. But I decided to try it, after all I tried this blog thing and seem to be doing pretty well.

Drama Queen bath bomb before entering water, the pieces on top are rose petals.

I filled up the tub and let the bomb start its thing. To my surprise, it was kinda mesmerizing to watch the fizzing and to watch it all disappear. Aside from my childhood, I’ve never really taken a bath before – with the exception of when I first moved into my apartment and didn’t have a shower curtain (it’s the little things that you can’t forget guys!) – so I wasn’t really sure what to do. When you’re a kid, you have different toys to entertain yourself with, but as an adult that just felt silly. So I grabbed a book, The Girl with a Clock for a Heart (by Peter Swanson). Yes, like an actual book with real paper pages and things. (For all you book lovers out there, don’t worry I was extremely careful to not get the pages wet.) I also grabbed a glass of Raspberry wine that I had gotten from a local winery in Murphy, North Carolina. So with the bath bomb fizzing away and my wine and book in hand, it was time to try to relax. Whatever that meant.

About 2 chapters into my book, I felt relaxed (though I didn’t realize it at the moment). With the water naturally moving back and forth, the calming silence, the feel of the book pages in my hand, and the light florally smells drifting up from the water. Is this what everyone means when they say ‘relax?’

I could feel the knots in my back start to disappear as I let my body be held by the water. I could feel the muscles and joints in my legs loosen after they started to feel the strain of the cold. I could feel my shoulder muscles loosen as they’ve felt the tension of this semester. In my 22 years on this planet, I’ve never felt more relaxed than I did in that moment. Therefore it only seemed fair to let that moment last for maybe an hour and half, mostly because I lost track of time and it felt way longer. It only took 22 years to understand what a simple word with a simple task means. So I proceeded to sit in the water, read, and sip on wine for the next 120 pages. It wasn’t until I got a phone call that brought me back to reality. My toes had pruned and the water had turned lukewarm.

Relax by definition means to make or become less tense or anxious (thanks Google). For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a naturally tense person, but while sitting in a bath that had been bombed with floral and fruitiness, I lost that tension. I found relaxation.

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