Drama Queen Bath Bomb

I started this blog no real path paved, thus leaving it wide open for me to do whatever I want with it. So I decided that I would also do product reviews of things I really enjoyed.

So here’s to my first product review.



Today was the first time I’ve ever tried a bath bomb so I had pretty low expectations. I had bid on this Bombe la la la box at a sorority event because I figured why not, and I probably never would have had the courage to buy them for myself.

At first look, the box reminds me a little of Kate Spade, and the whole box is designed in a very cute manner. From the simplistic black and white wrapping to having a description of each fizzie (as Pure Sanctum calls them) so the user doesn’t have to worry about trying to go back online to decide which fizzie best fits their mood. Today I was needing a little pick-me-up of florals and fruits since the cold has started to kick in, so I picked the Drama Queen fizzie.

The description of this bath bomb from the box reads: “Fizz, fruit & flowers to delight the diva in you. Champagne grapes, plum, grapefruit, and natural rose petals.” The rose petal smell was pretty obvious, as there were actual pieces of rose petals in the bomb. While I’ve never smelled a plum or grapefruit, there were fruity smells that came from it after it started fizzing. The bomb didn’t stay near the top of the water though, like I’ve seen in videos but since I don’t have personal experience with this brand I wasn’t upset about this fact; although it would have been more interesting to watch if the bath bomb would have stayed closer to the top.

The product page online says that: “Our hand rolled bath fizzies contain natural ingredients, Sea Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil to soften and nourish skin, Witch Hazel for its antiseptic qualities, Shea Butter, the all natural vitamin A cream, known to moisturize and soothe minor skin complaints.  There is nothing artificial about our lush non-GMO bath bombs, no color, no synthetic fragrances, no SLS, sulfates or phthalates.”

My skin did feel softer and more nourished after sitting in the bath with it. I do like the fact that there isn’t anything artificial about their fizzies. That means that there’s pretty much no harm to your body when using them which brings relief to this first time user. (P.S. they don’t test on animals which is always a plus!)

I kind of expected more fizziness to happen and for some type of bubbles to be created for the duration of the bath. Also while the loose rose petals were a nice touch, I felt like they got a little annoying because they kept clinging to my arms and then I had to make sure to clean them up after I was done. With the combination of not a lot of fizzing and the loose rose petals, I felt a little like I was sitting in rose water. It provided a calming effect with the floral smell, but I did wish that the fruity smell either lasted longer or was a bit stronger.

Overall, for my first bath bomb ever, I’m very satisfied and am looking forward to using the remaining 5 fizzies!

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