You are not a failure

I am not a failure. You are not a failure. We are not failures.

I just came to terms with this very recently – a lot of what I’m learning and understanding about my self is coming to me recently and I’ll say this…it is a good feeling! Whenever something happens in our life that is deemed ‘not good enough,’ we define it as “failure.”

  • I failed because my boss didn’t like my design or presentation.
  • I failed because I didn’t make an ‘A’ on that test.
  • I failed because I forgot to go grocery shopping for dinner tonight.

But that isn’t what failure is. While yes that is the definition of what failure is, you didn’t fail. You tried, and that alone is a success.

Today I took the third test of a class that I’m on my third try of. Despite the fact that I’ve taken this class twice already and failed – I am not a failure. This fact took me a long time to comes to terms with because when an ‘F’ shows up on your transcript, well it’s not a good thing. After I failed didn’t pass the class the first time, I let that defeat me. I let it tear me down and let it allow me to question if I being an engineer is something that I truly wanted. After I didn’t pass (not failed) the class the second time, the defeat was more intense than the first round. I felt as if I had not only let down myself, but also all my supporters. I felt this way because I knew I was capable of more and to not succeed was devastating.

But I am not a failure.

I didn’t let the not passing this class define me as a person or a student. I set out to prove that I can do it – I can pass this class and I can be an engineer. I will not be considered a failure by accepting defeat. So I’m taking the class again for my third and final try. I’ve tried three times now, and on not one of the tries did I give up. I didn’t withdraw from the class; I didn’t stop attending class and just accept the ‘F.’ I didn’t allow for the class to defeat me. I kept trying.

And I will keep trying. I’ll keep trying to understand the homework and the lectures. I’ll keep studying the best I can. I’ll keep giving each test my all. I will not give up because

I am not a failure.

While the world may try to tear you down and make you question if you can do it because you may not have succeeded, do not let that allow you to think that you are a failure.

You are not a failure.

You are not a failure solely because you got out of bed today and went out into the world. It doesn’t matter if you went to work, class, or run errands; you got out of bed and you did something.

So here’s my challenge to you: Try something every day. Why not ‘try something new every day’? Because finding something new can be difficult, but if you try something –  no matter what it is – at least you tried. Whether is was trying your hardest on a test, trying to stay awake in class, trying to focus during a boring meeting, or even trying to remember to use your blinker when changing lanes. At least you tried; and that right there is what proves to the world and yourself that,

You are not a failure.

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